A Certified Green Home

Many homeowners are desiring and some insisting that their home be earth friendly, affordable to operate, and healthy to live in. By choosing to build green, you have chosen to reduce the burden on the environment and add value to your home through a voluntary Florida green home designation administered by the Florida Green Building Coalition. Woodall’s Total Comfort Systems’ FGBC certifying agent can guide you through the process of qualifying and documenting your Green Home. FGBC’s Green Home Standard guides you through the process of selecting green features that are cost effective, benefit the environment and lowers your energy consumption. The Green Home Certifications Standard categories are as follows


Examples are, energy-efficient oven/range, light colored interior walls, ductwork sealed with mastic, properly sized HVAC system.


Examples are, low-flow shower heads, non-cypress mulch used, water saving clothes washer.

Lot Choice

Examples are, site within 1/2 mile of mass transit, site within 1/2 mile of existing infrastructure.


Examples are, no invasive exotic species, Minimize soil compaction, stabilize disturbed soil.


Examples are, low/Zero VOC paints, stains and finishes, protect ducts during construction.


Examples are, Concrete with fly ash, window and door flashing, user-friendly clothes washer water shutoff.

Disaster Mitigation

Examples are, seal slab penetrations, vegetation less than 2 ft from foundation, slopes graded away from building.
Energy efficient air conditioning IS green air conditioning. It delivers on promised environmental benefits more than many other “green” products. Upgrading to an energy efficient air conditioner will slash your home’s carbon footprint and chop your electricity bill at the same time. Click on our Carbon Footprint Calculator to see how much you can save on utilities and how many pounds of carbon you can shrink. Or call us for a complementary evaluation.

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