Construction Solutions

Whether you already own your home or you are interested in building a new home, the first step to making your home more energy efficient is have an energy evaluation of your home’s energy uses to see what measures you need to take to improve the efficiency.
Our Construction Solutions services offer a variety or programs to assist you. A speciallytrained contractor will evaluate your home using state-of-the-art equipment, recommend comprehensive improvements that will yield the best results, and help you to get the work done.

Provide the Florida Energy Code Form required by the Building Department to acquire a building permit.

Our building science consultant can provide advice and guidance on building an energy efficient home or making improvements to your existing home.

If you are desiring your new home to be earth friendly, affordable to operate, and healthy to live in, then choosing to build GREEN is your first step. Our Florida Green Building Coalition Certifying Agent can provide the tools and guidance for a designated GREEN HOME through FGBC.

Perform a Manual J (heat gain calculation) to ACCA standards to assure your HVAC system is properly sized for the greatest efficiency, comfort and performance possible.

Perform a Manual D (duct design) to ACCA standards. When ducts are properly sealed and insulated, they deliver conditioned air more effectively to all rooms, reduce utility bills, reduce equipment cost and improve indoor air quality.

Cooling costs can make up a large part of a home’s energy bill, especially in the South. We can assist you in choosing an energy efficient system that meets your needs, lowers your energy use, increases comfort and improves durability. Also, proper installation of HVAC equipment has a big impact on performance. We install according to best practices, which include proper sizing of equipment, proper equipment placement, proper refrigerant charge and correct airflow.

Our Home Energy Rater is trained to evaluate construction techniques, take key measurements, and perform inspections and testing procedures to verify a home’s performance. The process usually includes a blower door test to test the leakiness of the home and a duct blaster test to test the leakiness of the duct system.

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