Humidity Control

Here in the Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama we tend to think of controlling high humidity during the summer as a concern for keeping our homes comfortable. That is a true concern and worthy of consideration when selecting home comfort systems. During the summer the humidity is primarily controlled by the air conditioning system in our home. With a properly designed and sized system we can accomplish 50% humidity. In some instances, special humidity removing equipment is needed. This equipment could be as easy as installing a humidity controlling thermostat, like the Lennox ComfortSense 7000 Thermostat, that works in conjunction with the air conditioner to keep the level of humidity low. Then there is the auxiliary humidity removal equipment like the Aprilaire Model 1700 Whole-Home Dehumidifier. Removal of humidity on those steamy July days helps keep everyone cool and comfortable.
One area of humidity that is easily neglected in the South is low humidity. How can low humidity affect your home
comfort? Well low humidity contributes to several things that can cause discomfort. These include but aren’t limited too, dry cracking skin, cracking caulk joints on crown molding and base board molding, as well as static electricity. During the cold fronts that come through this area, the humidity levels in our homes can drop well into the 30% range or lower. Considering this, you might think of adding a humidifier to your home comfort system to keep the humidity constant year-round. These function well with heat pumps and gas furnaces. There are basically two types of humidifiers, power and bypass humidifiers.

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