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Do you suffer from allergies

With the increasing demand for tighter, more efficient homes, comes less air changes in the home. What does that mean? Well, the fewer times the air in your home changes means the more pollutants stay in your home or the less fresh air makes its way into the home. Sources of indoor air pollution are, insect droppings, pressed wood products in furniture, home cleaning agents, tobacco smoke, pet dander, duct mites, dyes in furniture coverings, and many others. Indoor air pollution affects each one of us differently. Some people have high tolerances others have very low tolerances for such pollutants. So what is a home owner or business owner to do? Woodall’s Total Comfort Systems, Inc. offers products and real solutions that work. Our experienced staff can recommend the right filtration system, germicidal light, humidifier, or air purifier to meet the needs of your home environment. The products help to control and eliminate sources of indoor air pollution. At times the solution may be as simple as adding some fresh air ventilation to the existing comfort system. Contact us with you questions and to schedule an appointment.

Why should I have my home comfort system serviced?

One of the best ways to avoid problems with your home comfort equipment is to prevent them from occurring. The best way to do that is by scheduling regular maintenance. Woodall’s Total Comfort Systems, Inc. employs highly trained technicians to maintain all your heating and cooling equipment year-round. Ask about our preventative maintenance contracts to head off problems before they start. Having your home comfort equipment serviced on a regular basis has many benefits for you:
  • Regular service lengthens the life of the equipment by keeping it in good working condition.
  • It maintains efficient operation which saves you energy dollars.
  • It will save you money by eliminating costs of needed repairs and reducing any major repair expenses.
  • It will establish you as a priority customer which you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever needed cooling during the hot days of summer or heating during the coldest blizzard of the year.
  • It assures you service by experienced and qualified technicians who will become familiar with your equipment and can suggest further preventative maintenance steps.
  • Regular service protects your warranty.

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